What We Do

STEAMd Inc. has developed a program to mentor elementary to high school students (girls in grades 3–12) to build awareness and inspire their pursuit of STEAM careers. STEAMd works with girls in grades six through twelve to:

  • Raise awareness of the vast variety of STEAM careers through direct exposure to role models and mentors with professional experience in these fields
  • Give students insight into work satisfaction and income rates for STEAM careers
  • Provide guidance to support the academic success required to acquire STEAM jobs
  • Connect students with businesses who employ STEAM professionals
  • Provide resources for parents and schools to support career and course selections

How Can We Encourage Young People To Pursue STEAM Careers?

By ensuring that girls in grades 3 to 12 receive the exposure, encouragement, and support needed to succeed in STEAM fields, our youth can stay competitive in the fast-paced global economy well into the future. STEAMd Inc. works to provide the exposure, encouragement, and support girls need to pursue and create successful STEAM careers.