STEAMd Middle School “Simmering”

The STEAMd middle school 10-week program encourages increased discovery of STEAM skills and careers. The program focus is to develop the whole girl using her heart, mind and passion. The style of instruction encourages students to design, tinker and learn and apply engineering and design methods as well as developing project management. Tinkering, robotics, cyber security, writing code are among the highlights of this course as well as networking, branding, entrepreneurship, research techniques, and how to have an enhanced digital footprint for their future.

Simmering – STEAMd Discovery (Grades 6-8):

S.T.E.A.M. Skills Aptitude & Preference Assessment

Hands-on activities


Developing critical thinking skills

Develop leadership skills through role play

Creating a digital portfolio

Networking fundamentals

Mentoring from STEAM professionals