STEAMd High School “Full STEAM Ahead”

STEAM jobs offer women the opportunity to be financially independent. STEM jobs continue to go unfilled and the need continues growing every year. The High School 10-week program focuses on how to prepare and be ready post high school. Ready might be college, professional certifications, internships, entering into directly into workforce post high school or any combination of these scenarios. During the 10-week the girls engage in activities, such as coding, engineering, project management and collaboration. A good deal of time and attention is dedicated to building their networking proficiency and digital portfolio as well as making them aware of vast array of options to consider in STEAM fields.

Full STEAM Ahead – (Grades 9-12):

S.T.E.A.M. Skills Aptitude & Preference Assessment

Hands-on activities


Developing critical thinking skills

Working in teams to develop project management acumen

Creating a digital portfolio

Professional networking practices

Computer programming training

Mentoring from STEAM professionals


Certified Associate Project Management Course