STEAMd Elementary “Lighting the Pot”

The elementary school program for grades 3 – 5 begins with a STEAMd aptitude assessment to gauge STEAM interest and understanding. During the 10-week the girls tinker using hands-on activities to introduce the to all areas of STEAM which including, building engineering models, coding, robotics, graphical and language arts. These activities help to develop critical thinking, while working in a collaborative environment. An additional focus is aimed to build confidence, leadership, networking and learning to understand how their unique personality and skill sets correlate STEAM roles.

“Lighting the Pot” – Introduction to STEAM (Grades 3-5):

S.T.E.A.M. Skills Aptitude & Preference Assessment

Hands-on activities


Developing critical thinking skills

Developing leadership skills through role play

Creating a digital portolio

Networking fundamentals

Mentoring from STEAM professionals