Encourage and promote girls to pursue education and career opportunities in STEM + Art = STEAM
Elementary, Middle and High School Programs
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Help to encourage girls in grades 3-12 to develop and find their passion in STEAM education and careers.

  • Schedule: one day per week for 90 minutes
  • 10 week structured curriculum
  • Location:Various
  • Three career assessments to determine & mentor career interests and strengths in STEAM areas
  • Girls work in project management teams
  • Learn and use business etiquette and vernacular
  • Discover and create an array of projects in STEAM areas to include: coding, building engineering models, DNA forensics, career development, research, analysis, journaling and critical thinking skills.
  • Cost – The fee is $199.00 per girl per 10-week session (payment plans available)
  • Participants display their projects and present career “elevator” speeches during the last meeting of the program to invited parents
  • Participants receive certificates of completion and several items to encourage them to continue to highlight and save their accomplishments and accolades as they build their digital portfolio

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